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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preserving a walk down Memory Lane

This post is taken from last year's with some fresh additives.

"What is The Memory Walk," you ask? A stroll down Memory Lane spent reminiscing about your first love? Is it a flash in your minds eye of your newborn child, who is now all grown up? Or the thought of your first major accomplishment or promotion? Not quite. But, it is an event that supports the preservation of such memories.
The Memory Walk is an Alzheimer's Association event that raises awareness and money to support the ongoing research of the disease and care for those it affects. The walk is held in more than 600 communities and is designed to help fight against the awful and debilitating disease. Our ability to survive in this life is based on the things we've learned from it. But if you can't remember, how will you ever be able to continue? This walk supports just that: basic survival, research of treatments and possible cures, and assistance to those currently living with the disease.The walk is a deserving cause and a true two-for-one: get your exercise while striving to make a difference in your community. This horrible disease affects 5 million Americans, and unfortunately that staggering number includes members of my own family and friends; one of which happens to be a very dear friend's Aunt Patt.

So this Saturday, October 18th, please join "Patt and her Posse," at Schollenberger Park, 1450 Technology Lane, Petaluma, CA for the annual Wine Country Memory Walk.
The event information is as follows:
Registration Open: 10/18/2008 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Walk Begins: 10/18/2008 10:00 am - 11:30 am

*Funds raised at the Memory Walk will support research that is on the brink of promising new treatments to slow and prevent Alzheimer’s and local programs to improve the lives of those individuals living with the disease. If for some reason you cannot make it to the walk, you can still make a donation to Patt's Posse.

This message is in honor of Patt Dombroski.
And in memory of My Mama Marye Davis and the honor of my Auntie Joyce Endert O'Connell.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cataclysm Hits Petaluma This Month, a show by acclaimed artist Ricky Watts

Forward: I write about many up and coming artists that inspire me, but this article will prove to be of the highest honor to complete. Not only is it about a very talented artist but it is about a dear friend of mine, Mr. Ricky Watts. Who has at times inspired me to pick up a paint brush, forced myself to write when I had no words, and simply to pursue my dreams and do what I love to do. He is a true inspiration to artists of all types everywhere. I’m sorry it took me so long to write it my dear, but I am hopeful it will not disappoint. Much love and respect always...

Cataclysm Hits Petaluma This Month, a show by acclaimed artist Ricky Watts

Ricky Watts has been an artist his whole life, but it wasn’t until his early teens that he found his true passion. Through peers at school he was introduced to graffiti, which would later mark the essence of his desired art form. Later he went on to graduate from the Art Institute of California in San Diego. Since this, he has completed numerous pieces, in multiple mediums, and has had his work displayed in many shows.

This month, Ricky will be participating in his only solo show of the year, including all new pieces-
drawings and paintings (acrylics and spray). The show entitled, “Cataclysm” is a series of drawings and paintings based on a drawing he created a few years ago, called “Petaluma 2086.” The piece was created by using Petaluma landmark buildings as studies in combination with images from the artist’s imagination. “I was just going for a futuristic idea of what was in store for Petaluma but the more I thought about it, the more I realized we need to wake up as a society. That drawing is our future if we don't change the way things are going,” Ricky said of the piece. The show’s opening is Friday night, October 10th, at the Mail Depot, in downtown Petaluma.

When Ricky isn’t making masterpieces or coordinating shows, he’s working a 9-5. During the day he does graphic design and pre-press for a local print shop. But, after work with any and all free time he is drawing or painting. “I have a lot of influences these days. Not just people though. Places I go, things I see or grew up around- life in general,” Ricky said. “Burning Man really opened my eyes to a lot of things this year.”

Open eyes he has and an open mind as well; Mr. Ricky Watts has many definitions of the word “canvas.” You and I would think of a white, blank space; while he might see it as a car, a skateboard deck, a US Postage label- sky’s the limit and the ideas always fresh. One of his most incredible works on a very unusual surface, “Pieces of Me,” is made up of 100 consecutive drawings, each on their own USPS Priority Mail label. The entire work was completed free-style with a Sharpie. When put all together, the piece is 45 feet long.

Painting cars seems like it would be a trying task and a strange assignment, but not if you’re R.Watts. “That one fell into my lap like most ideas. I was approached by some friends of mine to re-paint their truck after some people had vandalized it. I had posted photos of it online and sure enough, a few months later I get approached to paint a delivery van. I've done a few of them now and they've been great publicity for me,” he said.

He makes it look so easy, but is it? Is he ever at a loss for ideas or creatively stifled? “All the time - some days worse than others. I always try to do something else for a little while and take my mind off what I'm working on. Go for a walk, stretch, play online poker for a little while. This usually helps but not always. I've got unfinished paintings that have been sitting around months,” he said.

In addition to his job and his career, Ricky offers a wide variety of freelance services: Graphic design, pre-press and printing, custom art, illustrations, event flyers and posters- just to name a few.He has also contributed to the colorful Four G's (Graffiti, Guns, Girls and Ganja), a young American culture magazine distributed internationally. Ricky and fellow artist,
Chris Jehly, designed the cover for the first issue. The easiest place to pick up a copy or a shirt designed by Ricky is at: fourgsmagazine.com.

With his favorite medium, spray paint, 14 years experience and endless other creative skills- "Cataclysm," by Richard Watts is a show not to miss. Aren’t you curious to take a peek into the future? The show will be located at The Mail Depot, 40 Fourth Street, in Petaluma and will hang from Oct. 10th-20th. The opening reception will be Friday the 10th starting at 6:30pm and will feature music by A Case of the Willys, a local dance band will be performing a range of musical styles: "songs you know, songs you have never heard and song you know but have never heard like this before!"

So where will it all go? I asked Ricky what his thoughts were. With Mr. Watts we shouldn’t worry too much. There is no doubt in my mind where ambition like this ends up- there’s no place for it to go but up. “Sure I dream of making it big with shows in Paris and London and then over to New York City for a book signing but honestly, if I make a living doing MY art for the rest of my life, I'd be happy. The wealth and fame are certainly desirable but they're not necessary for me to be happy,” he said.

For more information about the show or Ricky’s work, please visit: rickywatts.com or read his blog.