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Friday, April 27, 2007


Check out my friend Noel's new blog:
If anyone can spit some "Noeledge," it's him for sure.
Poker extraordinaire; you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being honest is not a gift, but a life sentence of constant foot-in-mouth, heart on your sleeve, confusing, embarrassing situations. Never disclose everything, keep some things to yourself.
And this is the thought for today.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


Tonight, I watched this Dateline special on NBC about a guy my age, named Eric Volz. He is currently sitting in jail in Nicaragua for a crime he didn't commit, I believe. They have no physical evidence that he is in anyway connected to the crime. His story is sad, unbelievable, and beyond a doubt extremely gripping. What's even more frustrating, is that this all happened last year and yet, this show was the first I had heard about it. A good friend of mine had told me it was going to be on, so I decided to watch it tonight when it aired. In doing so, one hour with this guy really got to me; I was glued to my TV set and definitely felt for him. He appeared calm, collected, and above all else: innocent.
The story is awful; a beautiful girl was brutally murdered. But, by pinning this on Volz (a person with a legitimate alibi, witnesses, and no connection to the crime scene) we will never know her true killer and an innocent man loses a good portion of his life time. In a time when there is so much wrong; I wish I could do something about every injustice there is. People always tell me, "you can't save the world," and I of course realize this. But, if this were my brother, or sister, or a friend; I would want people to do as much as they could. I would feel useless if I wasn't contributing anything to this important matter. If you get a chance please go to the attached link and read about his situation, and please tell as many people as possible: FREE ERIC VOLZ!!


Or watch him on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tQJfp9fIgY&NR=1

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Loss of a Friend, a Brave Soldier

I wrote two days ago, "I feel lucky to have never endured or known anyone who has been involved in such a mass tragedy."
I spoke too soon, later that night I choked on my words- literally. The news of an old friend of mine being killed in the Iraq War was brought to my attention. This was a person I hadn't talked to in some time, yet the pain was no different than losing anyone I have cared for. It makes me MAD that a sweet person with so much to live for died so young; an honest to goodness nice guy, with a wife and little boy left behind.
My friend died serving his country. He went to war for people like me, who could never imagine going over there; who would never be able to handle such a situation. He is the first person I know personally to die in the War. For his plight, I admire his courage and strength with all that I am.
This is a War I strongly disagreed with from the get go; a War that continues, with not even a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. How many more people have to die? How many more friends, family members, and loved ones? Oh, and why are we over there again anyway? I plainly have no clue.
My friend was the second person to pass in the War from Sonoma County this month. He was a happy guy, who used to ride his bike over with friends when we were freshmen in high school. We’d do innocent, adolescent things like walk places around town and hang out in my mom’s backyard. I always enjoyed that when he spoke he had something interesting to say; it was never just to blab or for filler. If he was talking, I knew I should listen because it was going to be funny and/or thoughtful.
Watching his family and close group of friends go through this is absolute agony. Having lost a dear friend to violence in an isolated incident, at the hands of two bouncers, last fall, this feeling of helplessness is all too familiar. The idea of burying another one of my friends is almost too much for me to bear. Yet, with as much respect as I have for these people I wouldn't miss it for the world. It has become all too real to me that life can be ended at the drop of a dime. It reminds me that each day is precious and that I should appreciate the people in my life as much as I can.
For Kawika, my friend, the fallen solider, I hold solemn gratitude and the utmost respect for. For Dave, my friend, the victim of what I believe to this day to be a wrongful death last fall, the same. Both of you touched my life, were taken too soon, and will never be forgotten. "To all my friends/Present past and beyond to all those who weren't with us too long/Life is the most precious thing that you can lose/While you were here the fun was never ending/Laugh a minute was only the beginning..." -Pennywise, from the song, "Bro Hymn."
I love you- my bros forever. Rest in Peace.