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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voter Perks: free coffee, beer, ice cream, pie or sex toys

I made sure to take care of voting first thing this morning, as I knew it would kill me to wait until after work. As confident as I feel in my choices, I am still a bit nervous. I fear that if the other candidate is selected, I might be forced to leave my homeland. As an American, I feel fortunate and as a Californian, very proud. So, this is a bold statement. Let’s put it this way, I will be depressed for days on end if the results are not what I had hoped.
In the meantime, while the anticipation beats us down, we can enjoy some election day perks! A bunch of businesses are handing out freebies today if you can prove by sticker or ballot stubs that you've voted.

For full info please read:
Election Day Perks: Businesses Hand Out Freebies to Voters
"...Among others, big businesses like Starbucks (coffee), Ben & Jerry's (ice cream), Krispy Kreme (star-shaped doughnuts with red, white and blue sprinkles) are handing out tasty treats..."

Pretty nice of them in our financial state, and just what I need: a sugar rush and more caffeine while I wait to hear the fate of my country. It's really too bad the other freebies aren't available near me; they sound a bit more relaxing.

If you haven't already... GO VOTE!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Preserving a walk down Memory Lane

This post is taken from last year's with some fresh additives.

"What is The Memory Walk," you ask? A stroll down Memory Lane spent reminiscing about your first love? Is it a flash in your minds eye of your newborn child, who is now all grown up? Or the thought of your first major accomplishment or promotion? Not quite. But, it is an event that supports the preservation of such memories.
The Memory Walk is an Alzheimer's Association event that raises awareness and money to support the ongoing research of the disease and care for those it affects. The walk is held in more than 600 communities and is designed to help fight against the awful and debilitating disease. Our ability to survive in this life is based on the things we've learned from it. But if you can't remember, how will you ever be able to continue? This walk supports just that: basic survival, research of treatments and possible cures, and assistance to those currently living with the disease.The walk is a deserving cause and a true two-for-one: get your exercise while striving to make a difference in your community. This horrible disease affects 5 million Americans, and unfortunately that staggering number includes members of my own family and friends; one of which happens to be a very dear friend's Aunt Patt.

So this Saturday, October 18th, please join "Patt and her Posse," at Schollenberger Park, 1450 Technology Lane, Petaluma, CA for the annual Wine Country Memory Walk.
The event information is as follows:
Registration Open: 10/18/2008 8:00 am - 10:00 am
Walk Begins: 10/18/2008 10:00 am - 11:30 am

*Funds raised at the Memory Walk will support research that is on the brink of promising new treatments to slow and prevent Alzheimer’s and local programs to improve the lives of those individuals living with the disease. If for some reason you cannot make it to the walk, you can still make a donation to Patt's Posse.

This message is in honor of Patt Dombroski.
And in memory of My Mama Marye Davis and the honor of my Auntie Joyce Endert O'Connell.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cataclysm Hits Petaluma This Month, a show by acclaimed artist Ricky Watts

Forward: I write about many up and coming artists that inspire me, but this article will prove to be of the highest honor to complete. Not only is it about a very talented artist but it is about a dear friend of mine, Mr. Ricky Watts. Who has at times inspired me to pick up a paint brush, forced myself to write when I had no words, and simply to pursue my dreams and do what I love to do. He is a true inspiration to artists of all types everywhere. I’m sorry it took me so long to write it my dear, but I am hopeful it will not disappoint. Much love and respect always...

Cataclysm Hits Petaluma This Month, a show by acclaimed artist Ricky Watts

Ricky Watts has been an artist his whole life, but it wasn’t until his early teens that he found his true passion. Through peers at school he was introduced to graffiti, which would later mark the essence of his desired art form. Later he went on to graduate from the Art Institute of California in San Diego. Since this, he has completed numerous pieces, in multiple mediums, and has had his work displayed in many shows.

This month, Ricky will be participating in his only solo show of the year, including all new pieces-
drawings and paintings (acrylics and spray). The show entitled, “Cataclysm” is a series of drawings and paintings based on a drawing he created a few years ago, called “Petaluma 2086.” The piece was created by using Petaluma landmark buildings as studies in combination with images from the artist’s imagination. “I was just going for a futuristic idea of what was in store for Petaluma but the more I thought about it, the more I realized we need to wake up as a society. That drawing is our future if we don't change the way things are going,” Ricky said of the piece. The show’s opening is Friday night, October 10th, at the Mail Depot, in downtown Petaluma.

When Ricky isn’t making masterpieces or coordinating shows, he’s working a 9-5. During the day he does graphic design and pre-press for a local print shop. But, after work with any and all free time he is drawing or painting. “I have a lot of influences these days. Not just people though. Places I go, things I see or grew up around- life in general,” Ricky said. “Burning Man really opened my eyes to a lot of things this year.”

Open eyes he has and an open mind as well; Mr. Ricky Watts has many definitions of the word “canvas.” You and I would think of a white, blank space; while he might see it as a car, a skateboard deck, a US Postage label- sky’s the limit and the ideas always fresh. One of his most incredible works on a very unusual surface, “Pieces of Me,” is made up of 100 consecutive drawings, each on their own USPS Priority Mail label. The entire work was completed free-style with a Sharpie. When put all together, the piece is 45 feet long.

Painting cars seems like it would be a trying task and a strange assignment, but not if you’re R.Watts. “That one fell into my lap like most ideas. I was approached by some friends of mine to re-paint their truck after some people had vandalized it. I had posted photos of it online and sure enough, a few months later I get approached to paint a delivery van. I've done a few of them now and they've been great publicity for me,” he said.

He makes it look so easy, but is it? Is he ever at a loss for ideas or creatively stifled? “All the time - some days worse than others. I always try to do something else for a little while and take my mind off what I'm working on. Go for a walk, stretch, play online poker for a little while. This usually helps but not always. I've got unfinished paintings that have been sitting around months,” he said.

In addition to his job and his career, Ricky offers a wide variety of freelance services: Graphic design, pre-press and printing, custom art, illustrations, event flyers and posters- just to name a few.He has also contributed to the colorful Four G's (Graffiti, Guns, Girls and Ganja), a young American culture magazine distributed internationally. Ricky and fellow artist,
Chris Jehly, designed the cover for the first issue. The easiest place to pick up a copy or a shirt designed by Ricky is at: fourgsmagazine.com.

With his favorite medium, spray paint, 14 years experience and endless other creative skills- "Cataclysm," by Richard Watts is a show not to miss. Aren’t you curious to take a peek into the future? The show will be located at The Mail Depot, 40 Fourth Street, in Petaluma and will hang from Oct. 10th-20th. The opening reception will be Friday the 10th starting at 6:30pm and will feature music by A Case of the Willys, a local dance band will be performing a range of musical styles: "songs you know, songs you have never heard and song you know but have never heard like this before!"

So where will it all go? I asked Ricky what his thoughts were. With Mr. Watts we shouldn’t worry too much. There is no doubt in my mind where ambition like this ends up- there’s no place for it to go but up. “Sure I dream of making it big with shows in Paris and London and then over to New York City for a book signing but honestly, if I make a living doing MY art for the rest of my life, I'd be happy. The wealth and fame are certainly desirable but they're not necessary for me to be happy,” he said.

For more information about the show or Ricky’s work, please visit: rickywatts.com or read his blog.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sites Worth Mention...Just Because.

Every time I think they have thought of it all in Cyberspace - they think of something else. In fact I have become somewhat of TechCrunch.com junkie, just to try to keep up with all that pops up. There are websites for anything and everything, and now there are social sites for anyone and everyone. In fact, I read about a new one today, Cocktailmatch.com. Cocktail Match is an interactive social network where you can share your drinking preferences with others. Hmm, a social network for the boozers? Interesting and I’d say a great avenue for beverage companies and bar owners alike to advertise. The site becomes known to us at a very interesting time for our country. One where the economic state is uncertain and one of the only markets unaffected by the changes is: ALCOHOL. Go figure.
I was amazed by that site, but nothing could have prepared me for Sidetaker.com. Sidetaker is a site that allows you to post two sides of an irresolvable argument to let the world decide the outcome. You can anonymously air your dirty laundry out on the Worldwide Web for everyone to read and let perfectly good strangers advise you. It’s really a very interesting site actually. Quotes like, “He’s a pig” or “stereotypical mid-life crisis” can be found in the commentary. So if you’re having trouble agreeing to disagree, this could be the site for you. It’s basically free couple counseling and from all walks of life and backgrounds.
This time we live in, never ceases to amaze me. Fascinating stuff.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Late Night Eats, With a New Rock Star Menu

Well, well, well, for those of you who thought Denny's couldn't get any cooler, think again. Denny's restaurant is introducing a late night rock star menu. That's right, for all you rock stars out there, myself included; we've been to Denny's at 3am after a night of festivities, no need in denying it. The new menu is presented by Dr. Pepper and will be served from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Perfect timing to get something in your stomach before you barf or in order to survive the hangover you will endure later on in the day.
The new menu items are named after bands, such as the All-American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, Plain White T's, and the Eagles of Death Metal. Supposedly, the eatery will play alternative rock music and the servers will be clad in T-shirts and jeans instead of their usual uniforms. Huh? Hard to imagine at a Denny's somewhere along the I-5, in the middle of Nowheresville, isn't it? But, so be it. I love it, usually late night spots complain about the rowdy packs of youngsters, now Denny's is embracing it? God love em'.
Denny's is also supporting the Adopt-A-Band program. Bands enter to become an adopted band, expanding their fan base while giving them the opportunity to vote them into a selection of bands that gets free meals and promotional support. Peep it, and look they have a Myspace page, too how very "NOW" of them. Guess it would be pretty hard to market to us Gen Y/millennials without speaking our language. Fun promo; if you weren't getting enough after-prom crews before- you will be now, Den. As if "Moons Over My Hammy" wasn't enough of a delicacy in the wee hours of morn, they produce this new menu? If anyone cares to try out a "Plain White Shake" with me this weekend, I'll be around. Meet you at Denny's, 4:35am. I'll be the girl in the Adidas jacket and Elvis glasses, the last booth in the back along the window, horfing down some fried goodness. For about this, please visit: http://www.dennysallnighter.com/

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Life is like a Quarter Machine...

Life is like one of those quarter toy machines in front of a supermarket.
You go for the plastic capsules, hoping to score that awesome neon green alien inside. You can see it through the glass, but the chances are slim. You try anyway- I mean, you could luck out, right? So poses the question: do you keep trying for what you want or settle for the boring, but comfortable, bouncy ball in the other machine? I've personally always been that girl who wanted more quarters.
And so, I had a dichotomy while walking past one of these machines this morning. Bouncy balls or aliens?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

What the F**k is Social Media?" anyway.

I often discuss Social Media and the idea that it can be used for many things other than just communication between friends. I understood the effects the second I started blogging and even before that while on my college newspaper. And while the newspaper was in print at newsstands around campus, it still had the same effect. People care what the people they care about think. "So and so thinks it's cool, so maybe I should check it out."
Word of mouth has become electronic. Social Media is in my eyes, one of the greatest gifts for promoting and one of the greatest research tool s for marketing; and while I don't need to tell most of you reading this that, there are so many who still do not understand. For the "in the darks" out there I give you this, incredibly brilliant slideshow: What the F**k is Social Media?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

7-Eleven’s Birthday is 7/11? And they give free Slurpees?

Frick- Is the only word I can come up with about the awesome promo I missed last week. I knew about it, just forgot in the sea of other insane activities that consume my daily life. It's really too bad too, this smart little campaign is one that could have sweetened me up a bit. 7-11 was national Slurpee Day. Hmmm? What does this mean?

You know that convenience store, 7-Eleven? Pretty sure you've seen them around? There are 5 in my home town of 55,000. That's one 7-11 store for every 11,000 people- in my opinion a bit excessive. But, I am a fan of late night nachos and Big Gulp buying. That little stat makes the fact that I missed their big Slurpee give away even more absurd. 7-11's birthday is July 11th (go figure?) and as a "thank you" to their customers, free Slurpees were given away at participating stores all day on 7/11.

This year marked their 81st birthday. According to the article they have been giving away Slurpees since their 75th birthday in 2002. Are you flipping kidding me? They have been doing this for 7 years and I knew nothing? Cherry/Coke Slurpees are one of my favorite things? I am an ignorant customer. Well not anymore- now that I read marketing articles religiously, I hope to keep us in the know on good freebies. July 11, "7-Eleven Day," has become Customer Appreciation Day, so make sure to mark your calendar for next year. Then be sure to remind absentminded me in 2009.

A link to an article with much more information can be found here: 7-Eleven article

Friday, July 18, 2008

Free Tacos and Punish Posers

In all the online reading I do, I found two things very interesting in the news recently:
First, Jack in the Box, which I refer to as some of my favorite "bad girl food" fast food, is giving back to their community. That's right, good ol' Jack will be giving away 2 free tacos with the presentation of a gasoline receipt, in effort to help the consumer out. It lasts all day Thursday, the 26th starting at midnight and ending at 11:59 p.m. One order per person, no purchase necessary. Attention poor people of the United States of America… this would include yours truly. Freebies, I love.
Second, being the die-hard Adidas fan I am, the following delighted me. Adidas is suing Walmart for their 2 and 4 stripe usage, saying it's too similar to their 3 stripe originals. I was wondering when that was going to happen? That bullshit's been going on for years. Posers. Adidas por vida.
Both articles came from MediaPost.com. Check them out.
Now that's what I call news.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Want to Party Like it’s 1969? Dr Hollywood Prescribes the Cure

Dr Hollywood sings, “I want to party like it’s 1969.” Sounds like an awesome-good time but, who exactly is this Doctor? I wondered too and as I opened my friend request from them on MySpace, two things struck me:

1.) Their music- it’s different and I am all about finding the freshest sounds.


2.) They personally messaged me.

As we are all well familiar on “The Space,” friend requests from bands are a dime a dozen. But, personalized messages and comments from them are not so common. It’s not that they love us any less, it’s just when you have tens of thousands of friends; it becomes a bit of a challenge to keep up with everyone. But, not for Dr Hollywood (myspace.com/drhollywood), they do their best to respond to all, and in fact were gracious enough to give me an interview! The following post was taken from an electronic conversation with the very smart, funny and talented, Louie Rubio, of Dr Hollywood.

Want to Party Like it’s 1969? Dr Hollywood Prescribes the Cure

Dr Hollywood is production duo from L.A., featuring Louie Rubio on vocals, guitar, and keys, and Alex Larson, as the bassist and engineer of their sessions; both of them program drums. These two have been playing music together since high school and have written and produced all their own songs. “Actually let me take that back, most of the writing is done by a handle of generic gin and my rundown acoustic guitar. I seem to work best in the morning, still buzzed from the night before,” Louie joked. Their Executive Producer, Segal Huredia also plays a huge part in putting all the magic together. Dr Hollywood planned to release an EP this summer, but now aren’t anticipated to do so until later on in the year.

Unfortunately, we impatient fans will just have to wait, but it promises to be worth it. For now though, we can enjoy their music at http://www.drhollywoodmusic.com/ or www.myspace.com/drhollywood . I had high hopes of catching a live show, but not sure you will be able to order tickets to the Dr just yet. “We’re going to start performing mid-summer at pool parties, clubs and rock venues. We’re not sure if we want to sound like good drunk sex (Loud, Sweaty, and Sloppy) or an English tea party (refined and clean). We’ll probably settle for something in the middle,” Louie said. Their live performances include drummer, Mitch Martin.

I’d love to book them at my summer party, their music is high energy, great to dance to, and possesses easy to remember lyrics. One of my biggest gripes with electronic/trance/dance music is that it can be annoying and too similar, with little feeling involved – very reminiscent of my rave days. That is what’s so refreshing about Dr Hollywood; they’re a sound all their own, encompassing many genres of music. It was described to me as the bridging of European dance electro, American blues rock and hip hop; that’s accurate and exactly what hooked me about it. I believe the freshest styles in our day and age are a combination of previous methods used, but with a new spin and that is what Dr Hollywood offers.

Their goal is to keep their sound fun, clear and textured, but keeping the ability to sing along to it, all the while “…avoiding the minimalistic pop mentality at all costs,” Louie said, and creating “quality party music.” According to Louie, that’s where their Executive Producer, Segal comes in, "Once he's done with them, our records sound big and pristine. He's been doing it for years. His mixing is truly legendary and his songs are used as references to mixing all the time."

Fans and newcomers can listen to Dr Hollywood’s music on their blog and MySpace page. Drhollywoodmusic.com features many fun remixes they’ve created, mash-ups of favorites that blend great together, as well as enlightening posts about them and their pass times. Their MySpace page includes songs, 1969 featuring Dirt Nasty, Hotline featuring Olivia Fox, and Beardo’s Girls Girls Girls song remixed with Mickey Avalon and Dirt Nasty. Louie told me, “When I wrote 1969 we were pretty broke, so the lyrics are completely honest. I call that my, Top Ramen and Natty Lite era.” These songs are excellent representations of the variety found in their music, 1969 has an alternative rock feel, Hotline is the type of song you want playing out on the dance floor, and the Girls Girls Girls Remix is very hip-hop.

I asked Louie where he saw the future of Dr Hollywood going laughingly he responded, “In six months, I see us meandering through the Mediterranean with Italian models on our yacht, snobbishly pouring Don P all over our caviar for extra flavor.” He was kidding and went on to say, “We're not really thinking that far ahead yet, our songs started out as pre-party music for our friends. Then people started coming out of the woodwork asking for copies. At the moment we're just concerned with playing music we like and gaining fans in the process.”

I didn’t get to converse at all with Alex Larson unfortunately, his only quote for my entire post was, "what are my quotes?"

My very favorite time to listen to Dr Hollywood is while getting ready to go out on a Friday night. I turn the laptop on, go to their page, and fish around in my closet for something fantastic to wear. Their beats just make me want to apply red lipstick and admire myself in the mirror, while sipping a cocktail, and getting pumped for the night’s adventure ahead.

How does the Dr make you feel? Let them know at: www.drhollywoodmusic.com

Photo Courtesy of: Dr Hollywood

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I told you so...

Don’t you love it when you can say, I told you so? I do, but don’t say it, as I hate it when people say it to me. Sometimes you are just a little before your time though; you can see how things will unfold before they do. If I could do this with my own personal life, I could be wildly successful in all areas of my life. A friend of mine at work, who is also a fantastic writer, sent a link to an article in Brandweek: http://www.brandweek.com/bw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1003810267&imw=Y
The first paragraph of the post read, “Local papers may be yesterday's news for some advertisers, however college newspapers are thriving, per a new study.” You’re kidding me right? College students still read their campus newspaper? Yep. College students care what is happening on campus and in the town surrounding it. They want to know about upcoming shows and news of their school. This was a phenomena I realized a little over 3 years ago, when I wrote for my college paper. I’m so glad everyone else has caught on. It is a fantastic medium for target marketing to that specific demographic.
I was an Arts & Entertainment writer who also dabbled in the Opinion section often. I learned fairly quickly that what I was writing was in a way promoting concerts, art exhibits, movies, books, TV shows, etc. Simultaneously, I took a side job flyering for a concert venue. I had to have an article in by end-of-week and there was nothing going on at school. I looked down at my stack of flyers for shows coming up in the next few weeks, researched the bands and wrote a piece. Then it dawned on me, I can help market people by writing articles about them. That was that, and what I wanted to do with the rest of my life: write about what I like, while marketing.
Hence, the idea of social media. A simple comment to a friend about something you like or a post on someone’s blog you enjoyed, is promotion my friends. In any case, before I go off on a Social Media tangent, I should revisit the article that got the juices flowing for me to write this post.
The article discusses ad placements more than article content, never-the-less it all sends the same message: college newspapers are a great way to market. According to the post, “82% of students read their campus newspaper, a rate that more than doubles most major metro dailies. Of this group, most are also open to advertising. Only 13% said they avoid advertising in their campus newspaper. Close to 80% reported reacting to an ad or article.”
Hmmmm? Need I say more? I will spare you “the know it all” answer. Just learn it, know it and love it. Azy does know a few things.

Friday, May 23, 2008

I Love My Reader

Google has given us so many wonderful gifts. This beautiful site I am blogging on being one of them. The big G is in my opinion, the best search engine ever. I mean really, how could they get any better? They have and continue to do so. With advanced ways of finding valuable information like news and blog content, and their special additives like the toolbar, the reader, iGoogle, and media updates- did I mention that reader?
The reader was suggested to me by a brilliant friend of mine. I was complaining about how there are too many Web sites and blogs for me to keep up with, and that I didn't have time for all of it. He told me that my profession insisted upon me staying "in the know" and suggested I get the reader. I am forever thankful; research is my life and vital to the constantly changing field I have chosen.
So what does it do? Well it collects sites that you frequent; actually an aggregator, it collects RSS feeds. No longer scrambling to try to remember them all on my own or subscribing via email (so annoying), my reader takes care of it all. Every time there is a new post up, it is added to a list for me to read. It counts what it collects as new, so you know exactly how much you need to read. The counter clears as you go through them. It's simply connected to my gmail account and makes things so much easier. Well what about your "favorites" folder you ask? No- not the same thing. The reader only keeps track of sites constantly updated, like blogs or journals- sites with "posts." It's basically, AWESOME. I have one for home and work articles now; usually with 100-200 new things to read daily. It lists it all for me, making it quite simple to pull the information I find valuable. There are many other sites and applications that will do the same thing, but I love my reader. It is truly an ingenious tool for people who are constantly on the Net in need of organization. It has many other cool features as well, like the ability to share with your friends, and even share things on your blog (which I may set up for here soon). My reader is in many ways, my electronic research assistant. If you are the ultimate multitasker, with too many things to keep up with, the reader could be just what the Dr. ordered.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What's in the cage?

I live in a small town, with little going on. It's growing, but is still pretty dinky. I've lived here long enough to get to know the norms; the permanent fixtures of this place. More than likely, it takes approximately 10-15 minutes to get across town (with no traffic), your cell phone won't work on Bodega Ave. once you get over the hill, there are five 7-11's (which is a lot for a town this size), it smells like cow plop from time to time, it is a rare occurrence when you don't need a sweatshirt at night (no matter the season), and you will run into the mystery walker at least once.
It's hard to wonder about much here, when everything is so simple. Yet, I do. There is a man who walks up and down McDowell- only on McDowell. He is always dressed the same, white shorts, Adidas jacket, sunglasses, carrying what looks like a cat cage in one hand, and a duffel bag in the other. He's clean cut and for the most part looks sane. But, what is his story? Where is he going? And what's in that cage?
I always said that if I became a journalist, I would want to interview him. There are many theories behind this mystery walker. I've heard that he's homeless, he's crazy, that he's a cat lover, that it's not even a cat in there- it's a bird, and so on. You name it- every one's got their ideas about him. I just want to ask, "what's in the cage, dude? Where did you get that Adidas vintage classic? And do your legs ever get cold in those shorts?" One of these days, I hope to pull over when I see him walking down McDowell and simply say, "Excuse me sir, but I have some questions and so does the rest of this nosey ass town." See how I did that? I am interested, the town- nosey. Well if curiosity killed the cat, jumping out of my car and interrogating someone probably isn't the greatest idea I've ever had. Speaking of cats, what's in that damn cage?

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Need I say more?

What is up? Again, with the car ads. Pontiac and Shwayze? Hmmm? Not a connection I might have made. But, I see what they are working towards here; trying to rope in that younger generation.

(Courtesy of Youtube.com)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ford Adventure? Really?

I have become semi-immune to commercials, as we all do. Unless, it's Superbowl it is hard for me to take each one into consideration. They can be redundant, so when you finally see a good one, you remember it. Recently, a Ford commercial made me look up from my laptop. Yep, Ford. Not, because of the content, but because of the music playing in the background. Out loud I said, "Ford and Angels & Airwaves, really?"
Being a twenty something single, with no kids, a Ford SUV commercial isn't one I'd usually pay attention to. But a song called, "the Adventure" from an album I have listened to over and over again in the background? I couldn't help it. Ford keys on all the concerns people have when looking to buy a car these days: it's green, has advanced technology, it's safe, and of quality. Yet, those are things my parents might have noticed about the ad, before me. What I noticed was a song I am familiar with, that in turn sucked me in to watching the entire ad. Bravo Ford.

(video courtesy of Youtube.com)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Azy Does It!

It's been one whole year. Azy Does It turned one year old today. My little Friday the 13th, Aries baby is all grown up...
Well, not quite. I did spent the first of this year neglecting her, since all the big changes. But, now friends, it's time to get serious again. My plan was to throw her a huge party. It's not everyday you celebrate a life changing anniversary. I was going to treat it as if I were to host a child's birthday. I mean, I go to all my friends' kids 1st birthdays; sing, eat cake, and bring gifts. Why wouldn't my baby get the same treatment? Sad or rad? I argue, rad and absolutely hilarious!
Others have said: sad. One friend even said, "You do realize you are calling your blog, your baby." Yes, and what's wrong with that? It is my brainchild. Azy Does It has brought much joy and release to an otherwise very hardworking and stressed out girl, who decided that she wanted to write and needed a place to put it all. It is a representation of my craft, if you will. Children are not of similar design? A place to store all of your best and worst assets? A contribution to the planet, created by you, and something to be proud of? I love kids, someday I even want my own, but for now my passion is my career and getting it on track, and Azy Does It, is my baby.
So Happy Birthday, Azy Does It! I'm so proud of you.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Attention Drunk Drivers

There are many reasons I do not drink and drive:

1.) I could endanger the life of someone else.

2.) Getting a DUI costs way too much money - money I do not have; and losing my license would mean losing a certain amount of freedom, that I am not willing to part with.

3.) Cops make me nervous and I am a terrible liar.

4.) I could hurt myself.

And now there is a fifth reason: http://www.petaluma360.com/article/AC/20080410/NEWS01/402740748/-1/petaluma360&template=ptart

Very interesting article. One drink or twenty - anyone living in these parts should read this. Please drink responsibly, take a cab. Or walk, we could all use the exercise.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

You know you are 28 when...

You watch a concert at The Phoenix Theater, from upstairs. Yes, Azy sat down, upstairs, through a Too Short concert. "You see I made up my mind when I was seventeen, I ain't with no marriage and a weddin' ring." -Too Short.
Too Short was awesome; still gangsta, and the Phoenix remains a great place to see shows. It brings back many memories from my teenage years. I spent quite a few evenings there taking in concerts and going to watch showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. It is a historical piece of Petaluma that want to live on for generations to come. It is one of the only venues near by where young people have the opportunity to take in live music, art, and culture. It broke my heart when there was talk of it being closed down back in 1999. Fortunately, it was saved and continues to be a great place for teens to hang out.
I felt a hundred years old sitting upstairs. Especially, when I could visualize a younger Azy dancing and jumping around on the ground floor. But, so be it. I will always support and go see shows at The Phoenix, even if I am 100.
For more information you should visit their Web site: http://www.thephoenixtheater.com/

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can't get no satisfaction?

Maybe I can, at least for today. My life is complete again... Sirius has “Rolling Stones Radio.” 24 hours of Rolling Stones' songs, on channel 12. It takes so little. Am I my parents’ daughter, or what?
Unfortunately, it is only temporary. It's a nice distraction from my otherwise crumbling future, however. Rolling Stones Radio is a limited offering, they are using it to promote, “Shine a Light” www.shinealightmovie.com/ , a documentary about the Stones, directed by Martin Scorsese. It is no surprise they paired up; Scorsese uses their music often in his brilliant films. The movie opened last weekend and as far as I can tell, is only playing in select theaters. Love the Stones, love Scorsese, and just plain can’t wait to see it. Did I mention that I read that the film was shot during Bill Clinton’s birthday bash 2006? Bill Clinton - love him. The reviews say the film is complete with concert footage, close-ups, vintage interviews, and most importantly their wonderful songs.

"There's no time to lose, I heard her say, "Catch your dreams before they slip away." Dying all the time, lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. Ain't life unkind?" -The Rolling Stones, Ruby Tuesday

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New, New Job!

Azy Does It loves her new job! My new, new job. After some anguish in January, I decided the job I had landed as a Jr. Staff Writer in October, was not for me. I was quite scared to be leaving the steadiness of it and its industry, but I let my heart lead me this time and jumped full fledged. Only to find a job that I really like for a public relations company! I am fascinated by the Internet, marketing, promotion, social networking, and all that encompasses consumer behavior and participation. My new position is one in which I will be able to learn many new things concerning this subject. I know I will be inspired everyday, not only in the nature of the work but by the people I will be working with. One of my colleagues is the writer of www.didntyouhear.com , a very funny and informative blog about just about everything. Since becoming a fan of the site, I have already gained serious insight about cars, technology, politics, ice chewing, energy drinks, baby hats and many other things I didn't know about. Peep it, I bet you will like it.
In any case, its official ladies and gentlemen, I really like my job and let me tell you, it makes all the difference at the end of the day. It feels so nice to be in a creative environment once again, reminiscent of Web Works (a fun silkscreen shop I once worked in) but without that whole sweatshop vibe. I suggest everyone go get a job they like instead of working at one they just get by with. You'll be happier; life is simply too short to do something you aren't into for 40 hours a week.