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Sunday, April 22, 2007


Tonight, I watched this Dateline special on NBC about a guy my age, named Eric Volz. He is currently sitting in jail in Nicaragua for a crime he didn't commit, I believe. They have no physical evidence that he is in anyway connected to the crime. His story is sad, unbelievable, and beyond a doubt extremely gripping. What's even more frustrating, is that this all happened last year and yet, this show was the first I had heard about it. A good friend of mine had told me it was going to be on, so I decided to watch it tonight when it aired. In doing so, one hour with this guy really got to me; I was glued to my TV set and definitely felt for him. He appeared calm, collected, and above all else: innocent.
The story is awful; a beautiful girl was brutally murdered. But, by pinning this on Volz (a person with a legitimate alibi, witnesses, and no connection to the crime scene) we will never know her true killer and an innocent man loses a good portion of his life time. In a time when there is so much wrong; I wish I could do something about every injustice there is. People always tell me, "you can't save the world," and I of course realize this. But, if this were my brother, or sister, or a friend; I would want people to do as much as they could. I would feel useless if I wasn't contributing anything to this important matter. If you get a chance please go to the attached link and read about his situation, and please tell as many people as possible: FREE ERIC VOLZ!!


Or watch him on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tQJfp9fIgY&NR=1

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