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Monday, September 22, 2008

Sites Worth Mention...Just Because.

Every time I think they have thought of it all in Cyberspace - they think of something else. In fact I have become somewhat of TechCrunch.com junkie, just to try to keep up with all that pops up. There are websites for anything and everything, and now there are social sites for anyone and everyone. In fact, I read about a new one today, Cocktailmatch.com. Cocktail Match is an interactive social network where you can share your drinking preferences with others. Hmm, a social network for the boozers? Interesting and I’d say a great avenue for beverage companies and bar owners alike to advertise. The site becomes known to us at a very interesting time for our country. One where the economic state is uncertain and one of the only markets unaffected by the changes is: ALCOHOL. Go figure.
I was amazed by that site, but nothing could have prepared me for Sidetaker.com. Sidetaker is a site that allows you to post two sides of an irresolvable argument to let the world decide the outcome. You can anonymously air your dirty laundry out on the Worldwide Web for everyone to read and let perfectly good strangers advise you. It’s really a very interesting site actually. Quotes like, “He’s a pig” or “stereotypical mid-life crisis” can be found in the commentary. So if you’re having trouble agreeing to disagree, this could be the site for you. It’s basically free couple counseling and from all walks of life and backgrounds.
This time we live in, never ceases to amaze me. Fascinating stuff.

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