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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Need New Fits? Trust in the Celestials, Celes Clothing Company

Anytime I see something cutting edge I’m on top of it, like a cherry on a sundae. When I came across Celes Clothing Company it was their pop art style lips design that I first noticed – so Warhol, so bright, so me, so different. When I caught word that they were launching their new website this year on April Fools’ Day, I wanted to write a little something to give it a push. Since gentle pushes is what I do best.

Celes Clothing Company was founded in 2001 and is based down in Southern California, in the founder’s hometown of Santa Paula. Currently, a lot of what Celes Clothing is doing comes straight out of the bay, right here in San Francisco. The name “Celes” came from the word, “celestial.” Celes Clothing’s founder, Gabe Chavez thought of it one very clear, starry night following a soccer practice. As he was jotting down potential names for the company in his sketch book, he glanced up at the sky and thought, “Celestial” which later morphed into “Celest” and finally found its true title in “Celes.”

“It’s a really simple story, but the idea behind it is enormous. When someone is having a rough day they don’t look down, they look up for help and motivation,” Gabe explained. His passion for Celes originated years ago, while in middle school. “I remember thinking how interesting it was that everyone was wearing some kind shirt, you might think this was a simple observation, but it really got me thinking, about how cool it would be to have these people wear a shirt that I designed.” And so the dream was born and the brainstorming began, and this was the embryo of what would be Celes Clothing Company.

Celes now is a company with multiple designs for casual skate clothing and decks. They focus on skateboarding as an art form and have an awesome new website: www.celesclothing.com. I was incredibly impressed with the art direction and interactive nature of this site. Not only does it exist as a place to purchase, but it acts as a social site as well, offering many other facets, like a Music section, the Celes Skate Team, and Celes Underground.

While the company encompasses many arts, skating is its true basis. Currently Celes skate team has one solo member, Frank Oliva, myspace.com/bighairfrankthetank. “Celes has gone from having about five sponsored skaters to our current team: count of one! Some people might think that this isn’t a team at all, but I’d rather have one skater that is committed and having fun, then a whole team that only wants to receive free stuff now and then.” They are currently offering sponsorships to qualifying candidates who would like to be a part of the Celes family. But, they select their team members very carefully.

Celes Clothing also sponsors up and coming bands. Their website’s Music page is used mainly to promote and expose theses musicians. Gabe’s hope is that it will eventually act as a blog for sponsored bands to discuss whatever they want to. “As with our skateboard sponsorships, we take music sponsorships very serious and delicately,” he told me. Right now, Celes sponsors the band End Transmission, myspace.com/endtransmissionrock. Members include two of Gabe’s childhood buddies, “They are funny, creative, and serious about their music so I believe it was a good decision to have them on board with Celes. Sponsorships just really depend on how good the band is, and how well they fit in with the Celes lifestyle and attitude.” Soon the band Reborn, from Tijuana, Mexico will be joining the Celes family. “They are a Classic Rock / Metal band that will be breaking necks and driving peoples ears crazy with their melodic music,” Gabe told me. Check them out on MySpace: myspace.com/tjreborn.

Of all Celes’ ventures and the different avenues their company and website explore, I was most impressed with their concept for Celes Underground. Celes Underground division will partner with artists of various types in designing one original shirt – that’s right only Uno. Gabe explains the sheer brilliance of the project: “Celes Underground will be a very unique branch off of Celes Clothing. One of a kind t-shirts will be designed not only by Celes, but by collaborating artists, bands, skaters, and anyone you can think of. Because these shirts are one of a kind (and by that I mean only one will be made ever) each will tell a story.” Pure genius. They are to act as collector’s items, each will come with their story in a booklet, will be featured in a custom package, and numbered. Any artists interested in the Celes Underground project can email: underground@celesclothing.com.

Celes is also currently looking for models. Their recent venture the Celes’ “Exposure Series” proved to be a great success and now they are coming up on the “Exposure Series 2.” Skate decks will feature different models from different cities and cultures. Models will receive you guessed it: exposure, and also lots of promotion on their new site. Her persona will be featured on the deck and the coolest part: the deck itself will be named after her! Contact: Celesmodel@celesclothing.com for more information.

Celes is not Gabe Chavez’s only passion he also skates and loves soccer. These elements facilitate the motivation behind the concepts for his designs. Most all of the designs are currently of Gabe’s creation. But he does receive a lot of help from his friends, Sergio Oseguera, Alex Puga, Miranda Ko, Michele Oralnado who are also a part of Celes Clothing Company.

To purchase Celes merchandise, you can do so at their website, www.celesclothing.com or through their MySpace, myspace.com/celesclothingco. Search for them on Facebook, by looking for "Celes Man." Jump on it like I did, before the herd.

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