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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl's Semi-Super Ads

Ok... I'm a big dork who watches The Superbowl for the ads only. Well, unless I have bet or San Francisco is playing. Which hasn't happened in a VERY long time and judging by looks of them, won't for a very long time.
My favorites of 2010 were:

Hands down, Google. An incredibly well done ad showing exactly what their product does.


KIA, but only because I am a huge fan of the Sock Monkey and ever since The Velveteen Rabbit, I just like the thought of toys having a life of their own. But for the most part, all the ads just seemed like a lot of pantless men, to be frank. Nothing beats last year's Jack-in-the-Box ad, with complete Social Media tie-in. Now that campaign was shear brilliance.


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