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Friday, January 30, 2009

And from the Purpose of Life to the Purchases of it...

Recently, I opened my 2008 yearly summary sent from my BF, Visa with love. Goddamn my frivolous spending! It’s so unbelievably ridiculous, that it’s hilarious. The funniest part about the summary is that this year they broke it down into categories for me, so I can see exactly where my debt is accumulating.

Could ya please not tell me where I am wasting money? Thanks.

The sad truth – in 2008, Azy spent:

  • Airlines - $655.00
  • Retail - $614.01
  • Bars & Restaurants -$304.13
  • And the kicker, a measly -$100.35 on Groceries

Are you laughing? Because I am. You can tell where my priorities lie: skipping town, shopping and drinking. That was just the highline items too and doesn’t include purchases made on my debit card or retailer cards. Pretty safe to say, this party girl may have to hang up her disco shoes or at least be prepared to stay home in her tube socks some of the time. But what are you going to do? It’s a proven fact that singles spend more money than the “coupleds” and not because we want to, but because we have to.

If I could rename those categories the new Visa statement would look like this:

  • Sanity - $655.00
  • Therapy - $614.01
  • Medication -$304.13
  • And Groceries? You mean Ramen? Who cooks anymore? I mean really.

As fun as charging all this was, their statement only reinstalls the statement I made earlier. Sign of the times: this year is going to be about proficiency, not profligacy. (Not sure what that one means? Look it up and amaze your friends with a new word for the day.)



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