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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SUPPORT: the Phoenix Theater, go to the Guitar Gala

The Phoenix Theater is a place that is important to me. My reasoning for this is extensive but mostly, I feel that Petaluma would be lacking something without it. I was lucky enough to spend many a night at the theater in my youth, watching shows. Because it was right there in town it was easy to go. Do you have any idea how impossible it is for a 14 year old kid to get to the city to see a band perform? I do and I haven’t forgotten.
So many concerts, I might not have ever seen if it weren’t for the Phoenix. Those of you who grew up in the area know what I am taking about. But, have you been to the Phoenix lately? I have, just last year. I went to see hip-hop legends Too$hort, Method Man and Red Man, and for my friend and war casualty Kawika’s memorial. I love the place, it holds memories and it’s got its charm, but is in need of some definite renovation. And since this theater has given so much to the community, it’s only right that we pull together to participate in preserving this historical location and the wonderful programs it offers our youth.
The Phoenix has organized its Carnival and Guitar Gala, scheduled to take place this Saturday. The event will feature close to 20 guitars donated by the Gibson Foundation. Each one has been designed by a different artist, three of whom I know personally: Ricky Watts, Jared Powell and Josh Faure-Brac. I can’t begin to express the pride I take in knowing these three creative individuals and to be blessed with their astonishing work. Other artists include the likes of George Lucas, Seth Green, Stan Lee, Les Claypool, and many others. Please visit, phoenixguitargala.com for the full list.
“I knew in my heart and soul it was something I needed to contribute to. It's such an honor to be a part of this show, with so many great people contributing,” Ricky Watts told me. The artist and local visionary also helped in designing the poster that added to the overall look and feel for the Gala’s promotion and website. “How could I say no? Gibson Guitars donated all the materials and it was a dream come true to deface my very own Les Paul,” he joked.
The Gala is this Saturday, February 28th, at 7pm. It will feature a live Internet auction, cocktail party, silent auction featuring artist memorabilia, and appearances by a few of the artists. Tickets are only $30 each, $50 per couple and information can be found here. 100% of all proceeds will go towards supporting free after-school music, theater and arts programs for at-risk youth of the North Bay and will help to maintain our one and only Phoenix Theater.
Remember: the mission of the Phoenix is to, “foster the emotional, physical and social development of the young people we serve, specifically at risk youth, by enabling them to create and engage in programs for music, the arts, and health and wellness, while preserving and improving the historic Phoenix Theater as a resource for youth and the community at large.” Let that ideal live in your heart and let’s work together to keep it going. After all, children are our future; I was once a Phoenix punk kid who turned out alright.

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