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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Santigold Trouble Blank!

For weeks, I have been meaning to write about a few things and just never got them down. In May, I went to see Santigold, Amanda Blank, and Trouble Andrew perform at the Warfield, in San Francisco. They rocked it; I absolutely loved the show. These three musicians are incredibly unique, all containing different styles, but complement each other nicely and perform well together. I love anything cutting edge and they are nothing short of it!

I have been a huge fan of Miss Santigold since I first heard her voice a year or so back, at the Roshambo Winery Tournament, in Sonoma. I liked her so much, I remembered a verse, and Googled it when I got home. Since purchasing her album, I have gone on to find that she has performed many singles with other well-known artists. From rap, to hip-hop, to punk, to alternative, to pop, she fits nicely into any genre. Her music is hard to classify because she encompasses so many styles and I believe this is what true artistry is all about. In fact, just about every song on her album could be considered a different genre; it is so rich in variety, it’s ridiculous. She had excellent stage presence and was truly personable to her audience. She even brought a bunch of people up on stage to do the last song with her!

Trouble Andrew, I discovered through a friend who was a fan. What can I say, he’s a professional snowboarder for Burton and I love his punk rock-ness. Because he opened the show, I didn’t get to enjoy him long enough. Amanda Blank, I heard for the first time and she was a fantastic performer; there is nothing blank about her personality! She had spunk. Definitely one of the best female rap artists I have heard to date.

The show was amazing; I love Santigold’s album and just bought two albums from her previous work in a band called Stiffed, and all of them are great volumes of music. I also purchased Trouble Andrew’s album this year and am looking forward to Amanda Blank’s coming out in July (I heard). Now go listen to their music!

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