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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

JT, One of Pop Music's Greatest Gifts

Two days ago, I went to see Justin Timberlake’s Future Sex/Love Sounds Concert. I know, I know, it poses the question: "Justin Timberlake?"
Truth be known, I am a rocker at heart and besides the queen herself (Madonna), pop music is never my first choice. I am not his biggest fan but, I do love his latest CD. My best friend however is the biggest JT fan in the world so, when she asked me to go, my initial reaction was, "do I really want to spend the money to see JT in concert?" After throwing around the idea, I finally just gave in. My exact words to her were, "Okay, I will go. Your reaction alone will be worth the money."
Oh, and it was. She was super excited, probably one of the most pumped I have ever seen her; next to going to Vegas or winning a lawsuit. But, the show ultimately sold its self, and was well worth the money. The concert was at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. I really liked the setup; the stage was in the center of the stadium and had four wings to it, which made the show visible from every angle. It helped that we had awesome seats; we were very close. Instead of JT appearing to be about 2 inches tall, he was more like 12 inches; a very nice change compared to other shows I have been to.
He was amazing; without a doubt the best dancer I have ever seen. Those white sneakers were flying all over the place. I refer to him as the new “Michael Jackson.” What MJ was to the 80's, JT is to NOW. Not only was he wrecking shop on stage but his dancers and back up singers were as well. Did I mention Timbaland was there? A collaboration of his phenomenal freestyle jams that included a shot out to the late and great Aaliyah, was our gift during the intermission. Later he performed, Sexy Back with JT.
Good Charlotte opened for Justin; I found them to be an interesting choice. I appreciate JT's ability to combine pop, with rock, with hip-hop. Most of the music produced these days is a mix of more than one genre, anyway. Justin closed with his version of California Love; a nice little tribute to Tupac. It got the crowd pretty rowdy, as it is the CA hip-hop anthem. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve, a song very near and dear to my heart was played while JT and all the performers came out to take their final bow. All in all, I was quite impressed with the show. I suggest everyone go see him, even if you aren’t a fan.
Am I a JT fan, now? You can bet your ass I am. I even considered buying an extremely over-priced “Timberlake” T-shirt.

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