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Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Ford Adventure? Really?

I have become semi-immune to commercials, as we all do. Unless, it's Superbowl it is hard for me to take each one into consideration. They can be redundant, so when you finally see a good one, you remember it. Recently, a Ford commercial made me look up from my laptop. Yep, Ford. Not, because of the content, but because of the music playing in the background. Out loud I said, "Ford and Angels & Airwaves, really?"
Being a twenty something single, with no kids, a Ford SUV commercial isn't one I'd usually pay attention to. But a song called, "the Adventure" from an album I have listened to over and over again in the background? I couldn't help it. Ford keys on all the concerns people have when looking to buy a car these days: it's green, has advanced technology, it's safe, and of quality. Yet, those are things my parents might have noticed about the ad, before me. What I noticed was a song I am familiar with, that in turn sucked me in to watching the entire ad. Bravo Ford.

(video courtesy of Youtube.com)

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