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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Azy Does It!

It's been one whole year. Azy Does It turned one year old today. My little Friday the 13th, Aries baby is all grown up...
Well, not quite. I did spent the first of this year neglecting her, since all the big changes. But, now friends, it's time to get serious again. My plan was to throw her a huge party. It's not everyday you celebrate a life changing anniversary. I was going to treat it as if I were to host a child's birthday. I mean, I go to all my friends' kids 1st birthdays; sing, eat cake, and bring gifts. Why wouldn't my baby get the same treatment? Sad or rad? I argue, rad and absolutely hilarious!
Others have said: sad. One friend even said, "You do realize you are calling your blog, your baby." Yes, and what's wrong with that? It is my brainchild. Azy Does It has brought much joy and release to an otherwise very hardworking and stressed out girl, who decided that she wanted to write and needed a place to put it all. It is a representation of my craft, if you will. Children are not of similar design? A place to store all of your best and worst assets? A contribution to the planet, created by you, and something to be proud of? I love kids, someday I even want my own, but for now my passion is my career and getting it on track, and Azy Does It, is my baby.
So Happy Birthday, Azy Does It! I'm so proud of you.

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Richard Watts said...

Happy Birthday, blog baby!!